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Upgrade 5th Gen iPod Storage to 100GB


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PDASmart (www.pdasmart.com) has begun offering an upgrade service for owners of 5th gen 30gb, 60gb, and 80gb video iPods that will replace the existing hard drive with a 100gb Toshiba model. The newer, more efficient hard drive released at this year’s Consumer Electronic’s Expo uses less power than the existing hard drive in your iPod, which means more storage space (for approximately 25,000! songs) and also longer battery life. Read on for the pricing, the procedure, and the warranty information.

The upgrade is totally internal, and requires no software additions or plugins to use the new hard drive. PDASmart is also guaranteeing 100% compatibility with current iPod accessories, a definite plus. Owners of the 60gb and 80gb versions will notice no external changes because the hard drive is no larger than the current hard drive, but owners of the 30gb version will be given a slightly larger backplate to account for the added size of the new hard drive (a small inconvenience for 30gb users considering it more than triples your storage space). If you want to do the upgrade yourself, the do-it-yourself toolkit comes with all the necessary components, including the hard drive. Otherwise, for a small surcharge and shipping fees, you can send it into the PDASmart repair center and their technicians will handle it for you.

Pricing is a little steep, but worth it if you want the added storage without buying a whole new iPod. 60gb and 80gb versions are $275 for off-site installation, plus shipping. The 30gb version is slightly more expensive at $299, considering the need for a new backplate. The Toshiba hard drive itself carries a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, while PDASmart has a 90-day warranty should something go wrong immediately after the upgrade.

30gb upgrade

60gb/80gb upgrade

Toshiba's new 100gb hard drive

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  • 1 Mike // Jul 8, 2008 at 1:54 pm

    Great offering. We can do this upgrade for 30/60/80 5G’s and save you $50.00

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