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How to transfer music and files from iPad, iPhone, and iPod to computer


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This tutorial shows us how to easily transfer files like our music, photos, and videos from iPad, iPhone, or iPod to our computer. It’s actually very easy to do, even though Apple makes it hard without software programs like the one we’ll be using. This is a great way to transfer music from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to a new computer, or to share music with friends. If your computer crashes and you lose your music, this is also a great way to save all your tunes for when you’re back up and running. Read on for the easy tutorial.

Step 1: Download and Install the iPad, iPhone, and iPod to Computer Software – Tipard iPod Transfer Pro

You can download this program for free from here: Download now.

Go ahead and install it once it’s downloaded, and we’ll get started with the quick tutorial.

Step 2: Connect your iPad, iPhone, or iPod to your computer

Once you’ve loaded up Tipard iPod Transfer Pro and you connect your device to your computer via USB, Tipard will detect your device and load it up:

Once your device is loaded, you’ll see it like below:

Click to enlarge

Step 3: Transfer your files from iPad, iPhone, or iPod to your computer

You’ll notice that you can select music, movies, and photos on your device – Tipard can transfer all of this to your computer, as well as back onto your iDevice. It can also transfer music files directly into your iTunes program on your computer if you’d like to go that route. For this tutorial, we’re going to transfer a music album we like back on to our computer’s hard drive.

You can transfer your entire music library, individual songs, or even select by album, artist, or genre if you’d like. We went ahead and selected the album we’d like to transfer:

Click to enlarge

The buttons at the bottom of the screen allow us to perform the available functions once we’ve selected the files we want to work with. Another nice feature of this program is that if you want to transfer from one Apple device to another, say your iPhone to your iPad, you can also do that if they were both plugged in. We’ll go ahead and click the Transfer to Computer button, like below:

Click to enlarge

We created an iPad Music Backup folder on our desktop to transfer our music to. When we click OK, the program goes to work and quickly transfers our mp3 files to our computer’s hard drive.

That’s seriously how easy it is. You can see that we now have all of our music in the folder we chose, and it took less than 15 seconds to transfer a whole 23-song album back to our computer.

Click to enlarge

Tipard’s iPod Transfer Pro program is incredibly easy to use and just plain works. There are a lot of programs we’ve tried over the years that are hard to use and many times just don’t work, but Tipard is the exception – we recommend it for anyone who needs to transfer files from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod back to their computer, iTunes, or another Apple device.

The trial version of this software allows you to transfer up to 50 songs for free, and after that you’ll need to unlock the full version for about $35 (with free lifetime updates). For those that need to transfer files and back up their devices, it’s money well spent. Post below with any questions or comments!

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